Meet the Team

From our beginnings in 2002, today the Emsol team is one of New Zealand’s leading energy management specialists – providing independent expert advice and sustainable energy management solutions.


Our personnel include:

  • Erin Roughton – Managing Director / Energy Auditor
  • Sue Roughton – Director
  • Carl Newby  Director & Operations Manager 
  • Gordon Allan – Graduate Energy Engineer 
Erin Roughton

Erin Roughton

Managing Director

Erin oversees all projects at Emsol and delivers high quality services. Erin is a qualified Professional Engineer and has 28 years experience in energy engineering, research and project management. He has an indepth knowledge of energy efficiency in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Erin is an Accredited Energy Auditor and Energy Masters Member of CEP (formerly EMANZ). He has provided policy advice and project management services to business, councils and government organisations.
Ph: 03 546 6690 | Mobile: 0274 495 288

Carl Newby

Carl Newby

Director & Operations Manager

Carl assists in the implementation of energy management programmes at Emsol. He works with plant managers and their energy teams to help setup systems and ensure successful completion of energy management projects.

Carl has an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auckland University. He has a special interest in energy technologies and has worked on projects including mitigating hydrodynamic keel vibration on high performance yachts to hydrokinetic power generation for an off grid gold plant.
Mobile: 021 176 2986

Gordon Allan

Gordon Allan

Graduate Energy Engineer

Gordon has practical experience in energy engineering including, design, and energy efficiency. His background as a Mechanical Engineer brings a background in heat, fluid management and energy generation.

Gordon has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Victoria, in Canada. He has an interest in reducing energy use and carbon footprints. Gordon leads an active lifestyle and enjoys spending time mountain biking, surfing and camping.
Mobile: 027 843 5186