Savings verification

Emsol’s approach produces accurate measurement of your energy savings to quantify results and your return on investment.


Reporting energy savings is essential to maintain an effective energy management programme. But how do you measure energy savings reliably? Monitoring and reporting energy use (or costs) alone will not usually show your energy savings. Normalising energy use with production can help, however, this will not necessarily show your energy savings.


Emsol uses International Performance Monitoring and Verification Protocol (IPMVP®). This approach follows best practise standards and guidelines for quantifying the results of energy efficiency investments and increasing investment in energy efficiency.


It is important to measure energy use against your business energy use baseline, and use an appropriate adjustment method in order to measure energy cost savings. Production and / or ambient temperature are often key influences and need adjusting for.

Two common methods of doing this include calculating an Energy Use Index (EUI) or producing a Base Line using regression analysis. When production or ambient temperature vary and are key drivers for energy use, then a regression analysis is an important step in measuring reliable and accurate energy savings.