Get the Best Deal from your Energy Provider

Emsol assists your business to obtain an energy supplier agreement that best suits your profile.


Another key area where businesses can create energy-related benefits is tariff review.

Emsol is independent from all energy suppliers and offers your organisation a full range of tariff analysis options.


Your dollars are being spent. Do you know:

  • What are your charges made up of / a breakdown of the costs?
  • What are your energy supplier agreement options?
  • What does your business need?
  • How can you best manage peak loads
  • What the best energy supplier contracts for your profile are?
  • How further business reductions can be achieved?

A tariff review provides you with the breakdown of your current energy costs. Emsol obtains competitive energy supply contracts on your behalf and provides advice on the direction to take to incorporate the greatest savings, without comprising on your energy needs.


Negotiating a competitive energy supply tariff will save many dollars over the duration of your contract, as well as providing you with immediate cost savings.


Analysing network tariffs is as important for understanding how to reduce your electricity costs as tendering a new retail contract.


Be aware that

March is a critical month to minimise line fees. Most electricity line fees are reset on 1 April each year in two ways:

(1) prices are adjusted – they usually go up, and

(2) how you use electricity.

Anything that pushes up your peak load, even once in the year, can reset your lines fee for the next 12 months. This may be caused by failing power factor correction, winter heating or summer cooling, rushing production after a breakdown, or equipment control changes. In many areas of New Zealand, on 31 March all peak load events are ‘wiped clean’ and the meter starts again on 1 April.

Ensure anything that will reduce peak loads is in place before 1 April or before the date you normally incur your annual peaks. However, note that in some areas of New Zealand, peak load fees are reset monthly instead of annually.

Contact us today for information on Emsol’s full range of tariff analysis options to help your organisation reduce energy costs.