Driving Down Your Energy Costs and Reducing Your CO2 Emissions

We make energy saving easy. Our clients always reduce energy costs, and are achieving combined savings
of more than $1 million per year.


Energy Management Solutions Ltd

Since 2002, Emsol’s dedicated and highly-skilled team has helped organisations throughout New Zealand reduce their energy costs. We work closely with key personnel within an organisation to increase your energy management knowledge and reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.

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“Each opportunity identified includes cost, expected energy saving, carbon reduction, cost saving and payback period. We look forward to continuing working with Emsol to realise the potential that the energy audit identified and help us achieve our carbon footprint reduction targets.”

Cashy Ball, Manager Strategy and Community Development

Whakatāne District Council

“Emsol has provided excellent communication and engagement with each of the Affco sites. Emsol’s approach has also assisted with a cultural change within the energy teams in Affco. We have seen a change with engineers thinking more laterally and suggesting new ideas for improvements.”

Rowan Ogg, Director Operations

Affco NZ Ltd

“Otamatea High School contracted Emsol to project engineer an energy upgrades programme. I would recommend contracting Emsol to provide energy management services to help organisations reduce energy use and carbon emissions, as well as improve sustainable business performance.”

Rachel Clothier Simmonds, Principal

Otamatea High School

kWh Saved


Energy savings made with Emsol projects since 2010

Energy Audits

Energy Efficiency Leads to Competitive Advantage

An energy audit will give you the information you need to make smarter decisions about management, engineering, and the environment. These decisions increase your profits, save energy and carbon, improve your productivity, and reduce your maintenance problems.

You’ll understand what needs to be done to:

  • Control and reduce energy costs and carbon emissions,
  • Improve your business return on investment,
  • Eliminate or fix troubling plant and equipment,
  • Allocate energy costs to business centres,
  • Develop a roadmap of long-term carbon reduction options, and
  • Measure and report energy savings.

Find out if you’re eligible for an EECA Grant for up to 40% of the cost of an Energy Audit.

How We Can Help You

We can help your business achieve significant energy savings and increase your bottom-line year by year. By doing this, you’ll contribute to greater economic and environmental sustainability for industry in New Zealand. That’s success all round.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study helps you gain a detailed understanding of the return on investment of an energy or carbon saving project so you can make an informed decision. EMSOL can assess a range of projects. We assess long term and large investments analysing all costs and benefits. We develop your ideas for future business plans and present the findings, outlining key recommendations. You will be able to identify projects that are worth investing in and gain clarity for business decisions. As we conduct the feasibility study, EMSOL considers a range of factors important to your organisation’s direction and long-term goals. These may be for growth, sustainability, low maintenance, or diversification.

Design Review

The design phase is the most cost-effective time to ensure your organisation is using energy efficient technologies and processes. When you complete a design review of your plans, and replace selected technologies with energy efficient alternatives, you will save thousands of dollars over the lifecycle of the project. Often, energy costs far exceed construction costs over the lifecycle of the design.EMSOL helps you during the design phase by using forecast energy and carbon prices to determine which improvement options will benefit your business. These are presented using a cost benefit analysis of your choice; Net Present Value, Return on Investment, Internal Rate of Return, Levelized cost of energy, Payback Period, or Least Cost Method.

Training Awareness

Training your employees and raising awareness of the difference they make increases staff morale. This improves productivity. EMSOL provides training workshops to teams or one-on-one mentoring to individuals. We help you with running staff awareness campaigns.You will achieve a happier workforce with a change in culture and behaviour to managing energy use and costs. Over time, these changes become sustainable.

Tariff Review

When it’s time for you to purchase electricity, natural gas, biofuel, or other forms of energy then EMSOL can help you procure a competitive contract. We’ll complete a tariff review to find the lowest-cost pricing structure that matches with your organisation’s pattern of energy use. This can also apply to electricity lines fees.

Project Management

When you are busy, we help with project management to save you time, so that important projects are completed sooner. EMSOL manages projects for our clients and ensures they meet timelines, budget, and quality assurance. Thorough planning and communication with all parties are the key to completing projects efficiently.

Project Engineering

Do you have a new construction or upgrades project? EMSOL can make it happen while providing engineering input. We ensure your project is completed with a design that is cost and energy efficient, and will meet all required standards. EMSOL will also manage and arrange contractors to supply and install your project. We recognise saving time is important to you.

Why Emsol?

We make it easy for you to achieve significant energy and carbon savings.

Our clients consistently reduce energy costs, and are collectively saving more than $1 million per year.

Emsol is one of the longstanding consultancies in New Zealand. Since 2002, we have provided specialist energy management services across the country.

Our dedicated and highly-skilled team work throughout New Zealand and are committed to increase energy management knowledge across industry. We work closely with your staff and contractors to reduce energy costs.

Contact us today for independent expert advice on energy savings for your business.