Energy technologies: Boilers and other process heat

Cheap energy prices can still be a big cost. With Emsol, energy saving options in process heat systems can be quickly identified.

Cheap energy prices can still be a big cost


Electricity prices (15-25 c/kWh) are higher than most thermal fuel prices (2-10 c/kWh), particularly coal or wood fuel. However, the annual cost of thermal fuel is higher than electricity for many businesses. This happens when you use significantly more thermal energy than electricity. It also happens because there are more losses and inefficiencies than with electricity. When energy is cheaper, fewer saving projects get implemented and excessive loss occurs.

We see businesses with many thermal energy savings opportunities gone untouched. For example, uninsulated steam valves are like compressed air leaks but the energy wastage from them can be stopped as part of maintenance, and cost savings begin immediately.

Heat losses can be as much as 10%. Minimising these will reduce the load on your boilers or heat plant, making it a cooler environment and a safer, nicer place to work. In some cases, this can also increase production.  

There are numerous energy saving options in process heat systems and producing an energy balance of the system will help quickly identify these options.