Energy Audits Identify areas for Improvement

Emsol will assist your business to identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved to provide you with cost saving opportunities.


An energy audit is a health check on energy services consumed by your business. There are three levels of audits – Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. Type 1 and 2 audits answer five core questions:

  • How much energy does my business use?
  • How much does my business spend on energy?
  • Is that expense too high?
  • What savings can be made from energy saving measures?
  • Will these savings cost my business, to implement?

These are all very important questions, but more importantly, what depth of information do you require? A Type 3 energy audit is an in-depth evaluation, and will provide energy saving business cases.


Talk to us about the reporting differences in these audits and we will action the first steps to being on your way to finding out the answers to these questions.


Type 1, 2 or 3 Energy Audits to AS/NZS 3598:2014 are offered to identify areas within an organisation where energy efficiency can be improved to provide cost saving opportunities.

The follow a simple, managed process:

  • Energy sources such as electricity, coal and gas are reconciled to see where energy expenditure is going and where savings can be made.
  • Energy contracts and tariffs are examined, ensuring valuable knowledge is available to better negotiate energy rates.
  • Process efficiency is documented, providing valuable feedback to ensure energy purchased is used effectively.

Emsol audits cover a full range of market segment technologies from Ammonia Refrigeration to Building Management Systems, ensuring value is always added. Contact us today for further information.